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In a few words…

POWER is just right for you. Prac­tice Ori­ented Work­outs In Endodon­tics and Restora­tive Den­tistry is a train­ing pro­gram, crafted metic­u­lously by us exclu­sively for those who want to prac­tise more effi­ciently and productively..We pro­vide basic as well as Advanced Endodon­tics and Restora­tive courses in Short mod­ules… We pro­vide flex­i­bil­ity to the course… You can pick and choose any­thing that suits you as short and long courses…

To whom ?

POWER has ideal train­ing pro­grams for Gen­eral Den­tal Prac­ti­tioner (or other spe­cial­ity den­tist) with a keen inter­est in pro­vid­ing qual­ity Restora­tive and Endodon­tic ser­vices to their patients. This is a Non-​certified pro­gram intended for any grad­u­ate just out of col­lege, eager to be on their own, but need that lit­tle bit of spice to go ahead, as well as a fresh grad­u­ate plan­ning for license exams abroad and for updat­ing the lat­est advance­ments. We do not pro­vide any Qualification/​Degree/​Diploma/​Certificate to the enrolled del­e­gates.

Ideal pro­gram for Gen­eral Den­tal practioners

POWER can be an ideal pro­gram for you if you are a Gen­eral Den­tal Practitioner/​other spe­cial­ity den­tist with a keen inter­est in pro­vid­ing qual­ity Restora­tive and Endodon­tic ser­vices to your patients

  • Com­pre­hen­sive endodon­tics

    Comprehensive endodontics
    Com­pre­hen­sive Endodon­tics is a bal­anced cur­ricu­lum cov­er­ing the basics of endodon­tics till obtu­ra­tion, that gives a strong foun­da­tion for your practice.

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  • Express endodon­tics

    Express endodontics
    Express endodon­tics is a four day course whose cur­ricu­lum cov­ers the most essen­tial aspects that are needed for a basic root canal therapy.

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  • Indi­vid­ual endodon­tics

    Individual endodontics
    The indi­vid­ual Endodon­tic mod­ules E1, E2, E3 & E4 are designed to con­ve­niently choose and pick the one you need to update.

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  • Restora­tive den­tistry

    Restorative dentistry
    This is also split into indi­vid­ual mod­ules ( R1, R2 & R3) to suit the indi­vid­ual need. Per­son­alised Inten­sive Courses of E5 and R4 mod­ules together…

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29 years of experience

Our atti­tude and approach to this care­fully planned cur­ricu­lum in Restora­tive Den­tistry and Endodon­tics is based on our 29 years of clin­i­cal expe­ri­ence and 21 years of teach­ing expe­ri­ence. Each and every step in these cur­ricu­lum is focused with ulti­mate thought that the del­e­gates should be able to deliver the clin­i­cal tech­niques to their patients and should be able to man­age the com­pli­ca­tions effectively.

  • Pr. R.Sathyanarayanan

    Co-​founder of POWER, also Pri­vate prac­ti­tioner, Pondicherry, India
  • Pr. Carounanidy Usha

    Co-​founder of POWER, For­mer Prin­ci­pal, Indira Gandhi Insti­tute of Den­tal Sci­ences, Sri Bal­aji Vid­hyapeeth Uni­ver­sity, Pondicherry, India.
  • Pr. R.Sathyanarayanan
  • Pr. Carounanidy Usha


Some stu­dents’ reactions

Here we have the feed­back from the can­di­dates who attended the var­i­ous courses, to help you get a bet­ter idea about our set up and how we go about and the impact of the course in their practice.

“I find POWER root canal teach­ings are very impres­sive.
It is a good eye opener and it cleared a lot of doubts for me…“
Dr. A. Man­ick­avasagam

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“Finally, for the past 2 years, I don’t have con­sul­tant Endodon­tist work­ing in my clinic. I do at least 23 RCT’s a day very con­fi­dently. In these 2 yrs, I have not come across a sin­gle fail­ure case…“
Dr. S. Tamizha­rasi
Pro­fes­sor, KSR Den­tal Col­lege, Coim­bat­ore

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“The ten days at POWER proved to be a won­der­ful learn­ing expe­ri­ence. Each word dis­cussed and told by madam and sir is noth­ing but dis­tilled essen­tial prin­ci­ples of endodon­tics…”
Dr. Srini­vasan T.
No.47 A, Big street, Thiru­van­na­malai

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